Hygiene and travel guideline

we are allowed to accommodate people, if they travel not for touristic reasons.


All traveler’s to Germany have to register online prior to their entry on the website www.einreiseanmeldung.de, if they have stayed in a “risk area” within the last 10 days prior to their entry to Germany. Also they must be able to present proof of this registration when entering Germany.

If, in exceptional cases, a registration is not possible through the website mentioned above, traveler’s must instead fill in a “substitute registration

Further Information is available on an “information sheet“ and on the “website of the Federal Ministry of Health.“


Please note our following conditions:

  1. In all public areas of our Hotel, you must cover mouth and nose. Only a testify by a doctor can free you from this condition.
  2. At arrival, a zertificate of the complete vaccination (at least 15 days old), proof of recovery (not older then 6 month) or a negative test result (not older then 24 hours) is necessary for all guests 6 years and older.
  3. Our reception is open from

          Monday – Wednesday from 10am to 10pm

          Friday to Sunday from 10am to 08pm

          Night audit

          Monday – Thursday from midnight to 08am

          Friday until Sunday from 10pm to 06.00am

  1. You have to pay by arrival or by an assumption of costs from your company.
  2. We will cancel all not guaranteed reservations after 6pm from Monday to Friday and after 2pm on Saturday and Sunday.
  3. Please contact us, if the arrival cannot be guaranteed during the opening hours of the reception, to fix a check time.
  4. A la carte breakfast, is served in our restaurant from Monday until Friday in the time of
    07.00 am until 10.00 am. and Saturday and Sunday from 8.00am until 11.00am. A reservation must be made and is bound to hygiene conditions and contact restrictions.
    Our restaurant “No.50” is open at Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 6.00pm to 9.00pm.
    From 16th September to 19th September 2021 our restaurant is closed.
  1. The sauna is closed. The fitness room can be used by one person at a time.


Here are a few basics how to protect yourself and others.

– wash and desinfect your hands regularly
– cough and sneeze in your armbend
– do not touch your face
– keep distance
– avoid crowds
– do not shake hands
– If you are not feeling well, please stay at home and be our guest at another time.


– Our motto: arrive, desinfect, check-in, relax
– Please use the desinfect station at the entrance of our Suite Hotel.
– Also note the signs for keeping distance at the reception.
– You are here with friends or family? Please just one person at the reception for check-in. The others can    wait inside the car, just outside or wherever the distance can be guaranteed.
– your roomkeys are desinfected every time after check-out

Your stay

– During your stay at our Suite Hotel: try to keep your distance to other guests!
– We desinfect the puplic areas regularly
– There are many stations to desinfect your hands: At the entrance, the lift and the reception
– Use the lift only with relatives. Another Person already in the lift? Please wait for the next!
– You are not feeling well during your stay? Tell us and, if possible, postpone your further stay to protect    other guests and our staff!


– Our staff pays extra attantion to critical touchpoints, like remote controls, when cleaning your room.
– There are no Brochures, blocks and pens? Just ask at the reception!
– You also got detergents and flaps there.
– Our romms are equipped with flatware. Ask our staff, if you need a few more forks or spoons.
– A complete cleaning of your room will be scheduled after the 4th night. And if you need a towels or toilet    paper, our reception is the place to get that.


– We would like to avoid crowds at the reception. If you pay the bill at check-in, you just have to simply    leave the key at the reception desk and it´s done.
– You are here with friends or family? Please just one person at the reception for check-out. The others can    wait inside the car, just outside or wherever the distance can be guaranteed.
– Also at check-out: kepp the distance!


– Please use the station for desinfection at the entrance!
– Our restaurant is closed from Wednesday to Sunday
– Every Monday and Tuesday (5pm to 8pm) we offer Pizza and Burger.
– If you enter our restaurant to pick up your order, keep distance and wait for the staff.
– Buffet is not allowed at the moment. We changed to breakfast to go. Ask at the reception by check-in.

Sauna & Fitness

– Our sauna is closed at the moment.
– The Fitness room can be used by one person at a time. Ask for the key at the reception.

Any questions?

Call us: 0341-25890

or write a mail at: info@suitehotel-leipzig.de